This is my first blog ever. I’m naïve to the world of social media. Optimistically, blogging will open a channel between myself and those of you interested in minimizing stress in your lives by implementing a few simple changes. Each ensuing blog will spotlight one course of action that will guide you toward a slightly saner life.
I’m a counseling psychologist in Hartville, Ohio. My name is Margot Kessler. The runaway train idea came from my husband, Brad. I liked the metaphor regarding our contemporary lives. Don’t we all feel like external demands have taken over and we can’t slow things down enough to enjoy life?
Many people in my practice are looking to find a more balanced life, a way to bring joy back into their every day experience. You are both the engineer and conductor of your life. So here we go with the initial step off that crazy train before it derails.

Just walk?? You should know this about me: I only recommend things that I practice myself. I started walking when I was pregnant with my son, Eric in 1977. My OB was very strict about excess weight gain during pregnancy. I hated the monthly checkups and “weighing in” because Dr. Bagheri said such awful things if I had a bad month and gained more than the recommended pounds. He strongly encouraged walking as a way to stay fit during pregnancy. I had to try it since my normal love of food was amplified by my expectant state. Daily walks were a life changing experience for me. I have walked ever since. It is more than a daily habit; I truly miss walking if I don’t have a chance to do it. All the equipment you need is a pair of comfortable and supportive shoes!

Walking Themes:
Walk with a friend…… share special moments.
Walk in the rain, snow, wind, on the beach, in the forest…… sights, sounds, smells, surprises.
Walk during a snow storm……… neighbors think you’re crazy!
Walk for fitness……… so you can eat dessert without negative consequences.
Walk with a child……… seeing the world through their eyes.
Walk with music or an audio book…… being happy to have a moment alone.
Walk with a lover…… an entirely different experience!
Walk off your anger…… get a more wholesome perspective.

Observable benefits:
Improved health & physical fitness
Healthy appetite
Stress management
Connecting with nature
Improved sleep patterns
Sense of well being

Try it! Walk outdoors daily for 20-60 minutes at a pace that is comfortable to you. Continue the practice for a few weeks. Schedule the allotted time as you do anything else that is important to you. If you don’t fall in love with the practice of walking, find another form of fitness that you do love (dancing, swimming, biking, tennis, skiing). Loving your daily activity is vital to making it a regular thing. Check with your doctor prior to starting any new physical activity to make sure your health allows for the change.

I will offer ongoing blogs about “getting off the runaway train”. Topics will be about simple ways to make your life more fulfilling and less out of control.

Tentative Future Topics:
Perfectionism….. it’s not so perfect
Being real /self-acceptance /confidence
Order….what you gain by knowing where your stuff is
I hurt my own feelings! (A quote from 3 year old Serena when she cut her own hair)
Taking care of yourself
Fun….simple and cheap pleasures
Holidays-times we love and fear
So you want to start your own business?
Friends & Family (good and bad eggs)
I don’t belong…..awkward!!!
**Please feel free to give suggestions about topics of interest to you.
Cheers, Margot