As a psychologist, I have a special bird’s eye view of courage. Through my clients I get to see how resilient people really are and what the human spirit endures. So here goes…..courage is:

Starting over when the one you love has left you (and your kids).

Taking care of someone you love, knowing they are close to the end (or maybe not so close), even when they are being impossible!

Going into a burning building, because if you don’t more people may die.

Changing your birth gender when it becomes clear that it does not fit, and then facing the world as a different you.

Facing your own mortality when faith has thinned and the end is really just that.

Teaching school every day, knowing some (or many) of your students have little motivation to learn.

Accepting your aging body when you barely recognize yourself in the mirror, and can’t believe how painful it feels to move.

Finding meaning late in life by making weekly dinners because it brings your family together.

Rebuilding trust after someone has cheated on you.

Making hard decisions about the care of your parents, when they no longer can care for themselves.

Finally admitting you’re gay….to yourself, your family, and a community who does not appreciate this nugget one little bit.

Taking your own art creation on a national tour with a not so sound vehicle, unfulfilled grants, and only conviction in your pocket.

Trying to provide for your kids as a single parent, when money and energy are forever in short supply.

Going on after you’ve lost a child.

Going on after you’ve lost someone you love to suicide.

Thank you to all my clients who keep me humble, grounded and in awe of their courage!!!