It’s the end of the year and you’re taking stock of how things have been going in your life. You’re pretty discouraged and wonder how next year might work out a little better. It looks like other people have better luck. Here are 5 practical (I did not say easy!) steps to make better “luck” come your way.
1) Identify your key problem. Really focus on what you wish to change. Be specific! Use the magic wand trick: If there is one thing that I could magically change in my life what would it be?
2) In a simple sentence, state the positive change you will be making. Examples: “I will surround myself with people who support my decision to stay sober.” or “Every day I will have positive interactions with my children (or whoever you wish) in order to improve our relationship.”
2) Ask yourself, what are my behaviors that are getting in the way of what I want to accomplish? Procrastination? Addictions? Poor self-care? Laziness? Negative attitude? Uncaring? Unkindness? Lack of skill? Honestly see where your words and actions do not match your stated goal.
3) Stop blaming others! Stop blaming bad luck!
4) Be consistent about acting out your new intention. Keep in mind, the problem took time to develop and it will take time to improve.
5) If you get stuck, talk about your concern to someone you trust. If you don’t have such a friend, consider seeing a counselor to help you navigate to accomplish your stated goal.