Is there someone with whom you can share your deepest feelings without fearing shame or being teased? Does your partner/friend openly welcome your deepest soul expression? Do you feel prized, loved and respected in your relationship? Intimacy feels like this!
Intimate relationships allow for you to be yourself, even on your bad humor days. You may disagree, but you trust that you are being heard. Intimate relationships allow love to be received even when things don’t go according to plan. These are not castle in the sky relationships! Partners don’t always meet our expectations or speak kindly.
With intimacy, there is an awareness that “we belong together” for a purpose not always immediately clear. It is recognized that : “we will travel this life together” and support each other through the challenges.
Passion is a huge component of intimacy when we laugh, cry and play together. Joint creativity is enjoyed for the process not the product. As we share the most tender parts of ourselves, we trust that we will not be judged, but loved more deeply for our vulnerability and exposed quirks. Couples who enjoy this depth of intimacy can laugh, cry and work through their differences in a way that allows them to grow even closer. Intimacy does not just happen, it is revealed and allowed to bloom.

question-rocks-1920.jpg  How can such intimacy be achieved in your relationship?

  • Practice and help your friend/partner express feelings directly.
  • Begin to openly show who you genuinely are to each other.
  • Be kind. Be patient. Be accepting.
  • Embark on a journey of self-discovery and find creative ways to convey who you are outside of the roles you embody.
  • Begin to live your dreams in the work you do.
  • Support your partner in his/her growth process.
  • Learn to show unconditional love!

These are not easy bullet steps, but part of a spiritual journey. Remember, pain is inevitable, suffering is optional! Joy is there for the taking.