Dr. Margot Muller

Dr. Margot Kessler

Clinical Psychologist

Master of Science Degree from the University of Akron,
Ph.D. from Kent State University

The privilege of being a psychologist is having the opportunity to deeply connect with a variety of people! This is the best part of my job. My clients have taught me to be a graceful receiver. Giving feels good and even powerful. Receiving requires humility. I have been amazed at the journey clients are willing to embark in order to grow. Nothing easy about the journey, but they invite me along! Courage is something I witness every day. Healing, change and growth are the hallmarks of therapy.

I work with adults to help them rediscover their inner child, humor and forgiveness. Forgiving others allows us to forgive ourselves! Gratitude is a way to bring joy to the daily chores of life. My most recent seminars have been about hypnotic techniques and mindfulness. I’ve been a therapist since 1996.

Personal notes: I am blessed with two grown sons and three amazing granddaughters. Nature is the way I connect with the source of all things. My passions are hiking, yoga, biking, skiing and traveling. My challenge is finding enough time to do all the things I enjoy.

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